Directory Providers

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CloudBees CD uses account information from multiple sources. In most cases, the primary account information source is an external LDAP or Active Directory repository: both user and group information is retrieved from the repository. Local users and groups are defined within CloudBees CD.

Click the Add Active Directory Provider or the Add LDAP Provider link to go to a new web page to configure your Directory Provider. After configuring your directory provider, that name will appear in the All Providers table, the Provider Name column.

Column descriptions

Column Name Description / Actions

Provider Name

Click on a Provider Name to make changes to an existing directory provider.


(Optional) Plain text or HTML description for this object. If using HTML, you must surround your text with <html> …​ </html> tags. Allowable HTML tags are <a>, <b>, <br>, <div>, <dl>, <font>, <i>, <li>, <ol>, <p>, <pre>, <span>, <style>, <table>, <tc>, <td>, <th>, <tr>, and <ul>.

For example, the following HTML:

<span style="font-family: Arial;">
  <i>Note:</i> For more information about the <b>abc</b> object, see
         <a href="">\</a>.

renders as follows:

<i>Note</i>: For more information about the <b>abc</b> object, see \


  • Copy —Use this link to make a copy of the Provider Name configured on this row.

  • Remove —Use this link to remove the Provider Name on this row.

Detailed Help for defining a directory provider in CloudBees CD is available from the New Active Directory Provider or the New LDAP Provider web page. Click the Help link from either web page. The Help text also contains examples you may find useful.