Configuring Web Server Properties

1 minute read

You must update the httpd.conf file on each web server in the cluster. The httpd.conf file is usually in apache/conf on a Linux machine and ProgramData\Electric Cloud\ElectricCommander\apache\conf on a Windows machine.

To configure all the web servers for clustered mode operation and give them the name of the load balancer:

  1. Locate the ecconfigure tool.

    On Linux, it is usually at /opt/electriccloud/electriccommander/bin/ecconfigure.

    On Windows, it is usually at C:\Program Files\Electric Cloud\ElectricCommander\bin\ecconfigure.exe.

  2. Run the tool with the following option on each web server.

    ecconfigure --webTargetHostName <load_balancer_FQDN>

    where < load_balancer_FQDN > is the fully qualified domain name of your CloudBees CD server’s load balancer machine.

    The --webTargetHostName argument modifies the CloudBees CD web server configuration and therefore also attempts to restart the CloudBees CD web server. If you used the ecconfigure command without sudo as recommended, the commanderApache service will not start and produces an error. Therefore, you must restart it manually afterward using sudo. You can also use the --skipServiceRestart argument to avoid the ecconfigure command’s restart attempt and the error message.