Credentials in Pipelines

1 minute read

Credentials are passed to pipelines through applications or microservices in pipeline stages. If an application or microservice has required inputs (parameters) and any of the inputs is a credential parameter, you can enter the path to the credential, browse to it, select a credential parameter ( Parameter Credential ) or a credential binding to a pipeline task ( Credential binding ), or select a user-defined credential that is attached to the project associated with the pipeline.

A credential must be explicitly attached to the object using it so the server can perform an access control list (ACL) check at the definition time and limit the visibility of the password. To support accessing credentials at the pipeline task level, these tasks need to have the appropriate credentials attached. This is done implicitly by the UI when you are binding credentials to the pipeline tasks. If you are using ectool, use the attachCredential API command to perform the same operation.