Reporting plugin concepts

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The prerequisite for this section is a basic understanding of DevOps Insight. Consult the DevOps Insight user guide for details.


Release command center (RCC)

Refers to a DevOps Insight dashboard meant for releases. See Release command center dashboard for details.

Release activities

Type of software development related activities that happen in a release such as user stories, continuous integration, testing, deployment.


The stages of a release for example planning, dev, build, test.

Activity metrics

Measurements that pertain to a stage of a release activity.

Data providers

Third party products that provide the core functionality required to perform a release activity and the data associated with that activity.

Data source

Representation of the data provider based on the release activity.

Object type

Represents a type of release object in CloudBees CD. Consult DevOps Insight data model for the list of currently supported objects.

Report object

Represents the report generated corresponding to a release object. See Report object types for the list of currently supported report types.

Usage of plugins in RCC

Plugins can be used to report data from data providers to DevOps Insight by virtue of implementing certain procedure interfaces. For example, a plugin can report user story data to DevOps Insight by running a JQL on a regular basis, which in turn can be used by the user story widget to display user story metrics in the planning stage.

Usage of reporting in pluginspec.yaml

The key features here represent a dictionary of fields required to create the RCC procedure interface in the plugin. Salient fields are described below.

  • datasourceName represents the data source. For example Jira.

  • reportObjectType represents the release object section. In the snippet below the release object is build.

  • parameters represent the collect reporting procedure interface. This procedure implements the logic to collect data from the data provider and report it to DevOps Insight.

devOpsInsight: datasourceName: 'Sample Reporting Source' supportedReports: - reportObjectType: build parameters: - name: ReportParam1 documentation: Sample reporting parameter type: entry required: true label: Test 1 - name: ReportParam2 documentation: Sample reporting parameter type: entry required: true label: Test 2