Introduction to DevOps Foresight

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DevOps Foresight is a predictive analytics solution that works by performing machine learning on the mountains of data collected from key parts of the DevOps toolchain. Using self-adjusting algorithms, DevOps Foresight is capable of deeply analyzing data already present in the entire DevOps toolchain, from application life cycle management (ALM) all the way to information technology (IT) service management tools, to identify the patterns hidden in that data that predict the success or failure of builds, tests, deployments, or overall releases.

Within the CloudBees CD enterprise, the DevOps Foresight server collects data from the DevOps Insight server for use in running analytics for CI risk predictions.

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License Requirements

CloudBees CD DevOps Foresight requires a separate license to use with CloudBees CD. Contact CloudBees support team for details.