Additional Ways to Improve a CloudBees CD Cluster

1 minute read

Clustering your CloudBees CD configuration does not necessarily remove all single points of failure or potential performance bottlenecks from your system. There are other components that are part of the CloudBees CD environment that you must consider to eliminate single points of failure or prevent performance bottlenecks.

Third-Party Software

The following items are widely-used third-party commercial products that are used in conjunction with CloudBees CD. A variety of solutions and strategies to increase the reliability and scalability of these products and eliminate remaining single-points-of-failure are available from other vendors and sources.

  • Network

  • Load balancer

  • External database

  • File server used for the shared file system

CloudBees CD Components

You can address some or all of the following potential issues with the following CloudBees CD components. The issues you address depends on the level of reliability and performance you need for your system.

  • Repository server—You can mirror your artifacts across multiple repository servers.

  • CloudBees CD procedures or steps—You can specify a resource pool of agents rather than a single agent.