Deployment Examples

1 minute read

This section has examples of application deployments and includes:

  • How to identify CloudBees CD objects—These are easily identified by icons and colors in the Visual Editors (such as the Application Editor, Environment Editor, and Application Process Visual Editor) and lists (such as the Applications List and the Environment List).

  • How to view details about the objects

    In the Application Editor and Environment Editor, you can view details and other information of the application tiers, components, environment tiers, and resources.

    In the Application Process Visual Editor and Component Process Visual Editor, you can view details about the process steps.

  • How a process can take different paths in the deployment based on parameter inputs.

  • What to expect with different deployment options.

  • How to model dynamic environments that provision (commission) environments and spin them up at runtime.

  • How to use master components.

  • How to use snapshots.