Workflow lists

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This page displays all workflows in the CloudBees CD system, both running and completed workflows. You can search for workflows and save the workflow search filters for later use. See xref:help-searchbuilder.adoc#ContextSearchFilter[Context Searching and Filtering] for details on using the search capabilities on this page.

  • Sort the Name, Project, State, Modify Time, Workflow Definition, and Completed columns by clicking on the column name. After sorting a column, the page changes to a Workflow Search Results page and more search options are available.

  • The "star" icon allows you to save this web page to your Home page.

Column descriptions

Name —This is the CloudBees CD-generated workflow name, which is defined by the Workflow Name Template setting. Click on any workflow name to go to that workflow’s Workflow Details page.

Project —The name of the project containing this workflow. Click on any project name to go to the Project Details page for that project.

State —The current state of the workflow.

Modify Time —The time this workflow was modified.

Workflow Definition —The name of the workflow definition that ran to create this workflow. Click on any workflow definition name to go to that workflow definition’s Workflow Definition Details page.

Completed—A check mark in this column indicates the workflow has completed.

Actions— Delete —Use this link to delete the workflow on the same row.