Uninstalling the CloudBees CD DevOps Insight Server on Linux

1 minute read

Use the following procedure to uninstall the CloudBees CD DevOps Insight server completely from a Linux machine.

  1. Log in as root or using an account with sudo privileges.

  2. Disable the DevOps Insight server.

    To do so, use one of the following methods: Uncheck the Enable DevOps Insight checkbox in the Administration > DevOps Insight Server subtab in the Automation Platform UI and click Save. Enter the following API command:


    ectool setDevOpsInsightServerConfiguration --enabled 0
  3. Enter the following command:


    The following prompt appears:

    This will completely remove {CD} DevOps Insight Server from your system.  Are you sure you want to do this? [n/Y]
  4. Enter y to start the uninstallation.

    The following prompts appear when the software is uninstalled:

    Uninstalling {CD} DevOps Insight Server...
    Uninstall complete.