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This section describes where applications are deployed.

Environments are modeled using resources that are statically defined on the system, dynamically spun up at deployment time, or a combination of both. An environment object in CloudBees CD contains one or more tiers. These tiers should map with the tiers in the application and are logical groupings of resources. Each tier defines the resources in that tier, which could be static resources in the CloudBees CD system or dynamic configurations that are spun up on deployment. An environment also contains an Environment Inventory that details the current versions of each component or snapshot deployed in that environment.

Once you have defined your application and environment, they must be connected with a tier map. This is a mapping of the application tiers to the corresponding environment tiers where the application will run. Tier maps provide a level of indirection, allowing you to freely add or remove resources from an environment without having to make any changes to the automation.

See Creating Environments for more information about modeling static environments. See Deploying Applications in Dynamic Environments for more information about modeling dynamic environments.