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The projects endpoints provide access to managing projects on CodeShip.

To get a project’s UUID without using the API go to the web console and navigate to the Project Settings for the project and then the General tab. You’ll find the UUID just below the section on badge status images.

Alternatively, you can call List Projects to get the UUID for the project(s) you’re interested in.

Codeship Basic Pipelines

Codeship Basic has two different concepts called test pipelines and deploy pipelines.

Test pipelines are found in the project’s test setup, also sometimes referred to as parallel pipelines, and will execute a specified list of commands for each build. See the Get Test Pipeline endpoint for details.

Deploy pipelines are sets of deployments (or custom deploy scripts) that are executed for a given branch, once all tests have successfully passed. See the Get Deploy Pipeline endpoint for details.

Make sure to include the correct organization UUID in the URL as access is scoped based on the organization you’re trying to access.