Heroku add-on accounts

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Heroku add-on accounts

CloudBees CodeShip plans were offered as a Heroku add-on directly through your Heroku account.

Starting July 3, 2023, Heroku will begin shutting down the legacy API that supports this add-on. On September 5, 2023 Heroku will completely shutdown the integration and your CloudBees CodeShip builds will no longer run.

To keep your CloudBees CodeShip builds running, you need to migrate your projects to a standard CloudBees CodeShip account.

Migrating from a Heroku account

To migrate from a Heroku add-on account, you need to contact support so a new organization can be created.

Once the new organization is created, you can transfer your existing projects to the new organization. Then, you can add your billing information to the new organization and subscribe to the desired CloudBees CodeShip plan.

After builds are running on the new organization you can deprovision the add-on in Heroku.

What happens if I do nothing?

After September 5, 2023 your builds will no longer run and your CloudBees CodeShip account will be removed (including project configuration and build information). Please see the free account EOL FAQ for further details.