Migrating from a Heroku account

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Heroku add-on accounts

CloudBees CodeShip Basic plans are offered via Heroku add-ons directly via your Heroku account.

Accounts set up via Heroku add-ons can not add a CloudBees CodeShip Pro subscription and CodeShip support has limited access to billing-related issues due to Heroku owning the underlying account.

If you are using an account set up via a Heroku add-on and wish to expand to using CloudBees CodeShip Pro, you will need to follow the migration instructions below.

Migrating from a Heroku account

To migrate from a Heroku add-on account, you will want to create a new organization. You can read our organization’s documentation for steps on doing so.

Once you have created a new organization, you will want to transfer your existing projects to the new organization. Then, you can add your billing info to the new organization and sign up for any generally available CodeShip plan.

We also recommend you contact our sales team to let them know of the migration and to assist with the project transfer and billing change.