SCM Support on CloudBees CodeShip

2 minute read

CloudBees CodeShip supports Git repositories hosted directly on GitHub, Bitbucket and GitLab. There is support for on-premise versions of these SCM systems as well.

Integration between a repository and any forked repositories is not currently supported for any SCM. You can setup forked repositories as separate projects on CodeShip, but any builds for the forked repository will not link back to the parent repository.

Get started by creating a project on CodeShip. If you are having trouble getting your SCM connected to CodeShip, check that the correct permissions are set.




Self-hosted Git Servers

There is support of GitHub Enterprise, GitLab Community Edition, GitLab Enterprise Edition and Bitbucket Server products.

You can read the self-hosted Git documentation to learn more.

If you use self-hosted git servers, we have a static IP addresses feature, which allows you to provide access to your git server, from just eight specific IP addresses. See Static IP Addresses documentation for more details.

Managing Your Git Server Connections

If you want to see which services you’re connected to, or perhaps ensure your username is registered so your builds show up on the personal dashboard, you can go to your Connected Services page. This allows you to add more connections or update/disable your existing connections.

Note: Before disconnecting a service, you should check to see if it’s being used by a project to communicate with your git server. The account used to connect to the git server is shown on the project’s General settings (Project → Project Settings → General).