Using the Jet CLI

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If you are unfamiliar with CloudBees CodeShip Pro, we recommend our getting started guide or the features overview page. Note that if you are using CloudBees CodeShip Basic, you will not be able to use the local CLI.

Using The Jet CLI

To list available commands, run jet with no parameters, jet -h or jet --help:

$ jet Usage: jet [command] Available Commands: cleanup Remove docker resources left behind by jet decrypt Decrypt a file using an AES key encrypt Encrypt a file using an AES key generate Generate an AES key for encrypting files help Help about any command load Pull or build service images run Run a command inside a service container steps Run steps update Download and install the latest version of Jet validate Validate codeship-services.yml and codeship-steps.yml files version Display the jet version Flags: -h, --help help for jet Use "jet [command] --help" for more information about a command.

Troubleshooting With Jet

Because the Jet CLI accurately reproduces your CI/CD build pipeline locally, you can use it to quickly solve difficult problems.

For instance, if a test or command fails on a build in CodeShip, you can try to reproduce the error with jet steps. When you want to test a change, jet steps will let you verify the change is working prior to committing so that you don’t have to wait for the full build to run remotely to get feedback.

We recommend that developers using CodeShip make use of the Jet CLI to improve productivity and solve build-related issues.

The results of a jet steps run can differ from the corresponding CloudBees CodeShip Pro build. We’ve listed a number of reasons for why that may be the case.


Display help text

To list the help for any command, execute the command followed by the -h or --help flag.

$ jet steps -h Run steps Usage: jet steps [flags] Flags: --ci-branch string The name of the branch being built --ci-build-id string The id of the build being run ...

Option types


Some flags like -e=[ ] may be used multiple times in a single command line, for example:

$ jet steps -e foo=bar -e baz=qux

String and Integers

Some flags require a string like --ci-branch and can only be specified once.

$ jet steps --ci-branch master