Deploy to S3

1 minute read

CodeShip makes it easy to deploy your application files to AWS S3 using CodeShip’s integrated deployment pipelines.

Setup AWS S3 Deployment

Step 1 - Navigate to Deployment Configuration

Navigate to your project’s deployment configuration page by selecting Project Settings on the top right side of the page. Next, select the Deploy tab.

Step 2 - Add New Deployment Pipeline

Edit an existing deployment pipeline or create a new deployment pipeline by selecting + Add new deployment pipeline. Create the deployment pipeline to match the exact name of your deployment branch or a wildcard branch.

Step 3 - AWS S3

Select Amazon S3

Step 4 - Deployment Configuration

AWS Access Key ID & Secret Access Key

AWS access credentials – see AWS documentation on understanding and getting your security credentials.


The specified region of your S3 bucket – see AWS list of S3 Regions.

Local Path

Location of file or directory to upload to S3 bucket.

S3 Bucket


Specified AWS Access Control List – see AWS documentation for overview of access control lists.

Step 5 - Save Deployment Configuration

Step 6 - Next Steps

You have now successfully setup deployment to AWS S3. Go ahead and push a commit to your configured deploy branch.