Push to remote repository

1 minute read

If you want to deploy your application by doing a git push to a remote repository please follow these steps:

  1. Remove the CodeShip deploy key from the repository. You’ll find this option in the repository settings on the respective service.

  2. Add the public key from your projects General settings page to a so called machine user and provide this user with access to your repository. (Note that though we link to a GitHub documentation page, the process will work elsewhere as well.)

  3. Add a script-based deployment to your project and include the commands from deployments/git-push.sh.

  4. You might want to modify the commit message to include either of the following four strings if you push to a remote repository which is configured on CodeShip as well, as the push would trigger a new build otherwise:

    • --skip-ci

    • --ci-skip

    • [skip ci]

    • [ci skip]