Build artifacts

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For security reasons CodeShip does not provide persistent storage of files between builds (aside from the build log). If you wish to retain artifacts for troubleshooting purposes, then you will need to implement steps to transfer them to a remote server during the build run.

Upload artifacts to S3

If you want to upload artifacts to S3 during your test steps, you can use the AWS CLI. First add the following environment variables to your project configuration:


Then add the following commands to your setup/test steps:

pip install awscli aws s3 cp s3://mybucket/

For CloudBees CodeShip Pro, our CodeShip AWS container can be implemented to transfer artifacts to S3 storage.

For more advanced usage of the S3 CLI, please see Amazon’s S3 documentation.

Note that you can simply add another integrated S3 deployment after your actual deployment if you only want to keep artifacts for specific branches.

Upload through SFTP

Each project has its own which you can find under Project Settings > General. You can use this key to grant access to your storage provider for CodeShip or upload files through SFTP.