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Versions and setup

Rust is not installed on the build VMs by default, but it can be easily added with a script.

To install the latest Rust version add this command to your Setup Commands and the script will automatically be called at build time.

Rust is installed via rustup so after install rustc, cargo and rustup are all available in the environment.


After installing Rust, fetching dependencies via Cargo should work as normal in your setup commands.

Dependency Cache

We do not cache Rust dependencies between builds.

Frameworks And Testing

Frameworks such as Iron and testing via the standard Rust test attribute or via testing tools like Stainless are supported, but must be manually configured.

Parallel Testing

If you are running parallel test pipelines, you will want separate your tests into groups and call a group specifically in each pipeline. For instance:

Pipeline 1:

cargo test --test tests_1

Pipeline 2:

cargo test --test tests_1

Parallelization Modules

Rust tests can be parallelized via our ParallelCI feature by manually specifying different test specs per pipeline.

Notes And Known Issues

As mentioned above, as Rust is not preinstalled you will need to manually install Rust and necessary dependencies yourself in your setup commands.