Uninstalling CloudBees Build Acceleration on Windows

1 minute read

The uninstaller removes all CloudBees Build Acceleration components (including the Visual Studio Integration) as well as the installation directory and its contents from a machine at the same time. This includes the software itself, build information, and installation preferences from the prior installation.

  1. Go to the CloudBees installation folder and run uninstall-accelerator.exe.

    You can also invoke the uninstaller by using the "Add or Remove Programs" or "Programs and Features" utilities in the Windows Control Panel.

  2. Select any of the following before continuing with the uninstall process:

  3. Perform a full uninstall - Removes all leftover files, including other packages such as Visual Studio Integration and Insight (”Insight”).

  4. Back up local database - Retains a copy of your local database.

    An "Uninstall Complete" message appears when CloudBees Build Acceleration software is removed. If Electric Agent/EFS was installed, you might be prompted to reboot.