Serialization Analysis report

1 minute read

This report details dependencies between a pair of jobs. For example, you see in the Annotation tab that a job has waitingJobs and you want to know why the jobs are waiting.

In some cases, you can use this report to understand the longest serial chain, but dependencies might exist that are not in the scope of the Serialization analysis report. For example, it is common for a rule job to be preceded by a parse job. This type of logical dependency is not included.

Jobs might be serialized only because one of them has an incorrect input event count. This might occur because of stale history. These jobs are indicated in annotation by the presence of the stale attribute with a non-zero value on the job tag. This report includes jobs that are run serially because of such event-count errors.

This report requires


but works best with

  1. Type the ID of the job you started first in the first job field.

  2. Type the ID of the waiting job in the second job field.

  3. Click Locate Dependency.

If you know where the jobs of interest appear in the main jobs display, you can use the buttons next to the job fields to select the jobs.