Group—create new or edit existing local group

1 minute read

To create a new local group

Enter information into the fields as follows:

  • Name —Type a name for the group. Choose any name, but it must be unique among other local group names.

  • Users —Type a list of users who need to belong to this group— type one user per line.

  • Personas —Type a list of personas that apply to this group— type one persona per line.

    A persona is a logical collection of CloudBees Flow pages that are relevant to a specific job role. For details, see Personas .

Click OK after populating the group.

To edit a local group

  • You can highlight the existing group name and type a new name—or

  • You can scroll to the bottom of the list of users and type-in additional members for this group, one name per line—or

  • You can highlight a user name and press the delete key (on your keyboard) to delete that user from the group.

  • Click OK after completing your changes.

Also, you can associate custom properties with a group. Select either the Create Property, Create Nested Sheet, or the Access Control links to set up the properties you need.