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Signing in to CloudBees Flow

1 minute read

Enter https://<cloudbees-flow-server>/flow/ in a browser window, where <cloudbees-flow-server> is the CloudBees Flow server IP address or host name. One of the following sign-in pages displays, based on the server’s single sign-on (SSO) setting. If you ever need to sign in as a different user, simply enter the credentials for that user.

SSO EnabledSSO Disabled

From here, use one of the following ways to sign in:

  • Click Use Single Sign-On : The user is authenticated, and if successful, is redirected to their home page.

  • The user enters a username and password and then clicks Sign In. If successful, the user is redirected to their homepage.

  1. Enter a user name and password.

  2. Click Sign In —The user’s home page opens.

For a new installation, the default admin account user name is admin , and the password is changeme. You should change the default admin password as soon as possible.

About Single Sign-On

Once you sign in to your system with your domain credentials, CloudBees Flow single sign-on detects them and uses them to sign in on your behalf. Simply navigate to https://<cloudBees-flow_server>/flow/ and click the Single Sign-On link. The user’s home page appears.

If you want to continue again with your own domain identity on subsequent sessions, click the Single Sign-On link. This link signs you in without prompting you for a username and a password.