Switching from an Alternate Database to the Built-In Database

1 minute read

You can switch to the built-in (default) CloudBees Flow database at any time. The following procedure shows how to switch to the built-in database from any CloudBees Flow-supported alternate database.

Using the built-in database is possible only if during the installation it was activated via the --installDatabase installer parameter or by the corresponding options in the GUI installer.

If you are using two different CloudBees Flow servers in a non-HA configuration, they cannot point to the same database.
  • If the built-in database service is disabled, enable and start it.

    To do so, enter the following ecconfigure command:

    ecconfigure --databaseEnableService=1
  • Point the CloudBees Flow server to use the built-in database.

    You can use the UI or the ectool setDatabaseConfiguration command. If you did not change the default values for the password ( changeme ) and port ( 8900 ), enter

    ectool setDatabaseConfiguration --databaseType builtin --hostName localhost --userName root --databaseName eflow

    If you have changed the default values (either during or after installation) for the password and port, enter

    ectool setDatabaseConfiguration --databaseType builtin --hostName localhost --userName root --password <password> --port <port_number> --databaseName eflow