New Report

1 minute read

Enter information in the following fields to define a new report to display on your Home page.

Field Name Description


The name of the project that contains the report you want to view.


The report name you entered in the Report Title field when you configured this report. If you did not specify a "thumbnail" view when you defined your report, you will not see it here.


This is the report title you want to see on your Home page to identify this report.

Click OK to continue. After the report runs, the report you specified will be displayed on your Home page and updated whenever the report is generated again.

To populate the drop-down menu

  • Go to the Project Details page for the project containing the reports you want to view.

  • Select the Report tab.

  • Click the Create Report link.

  • Check the Create thumbnail? check box, which enters this report’s name in the New Reports drop-down menu.

All reports, except the Procedure Usage report, are available as "thumbnail" reports on your Home page.