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Deployment Automation

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CloudBees Flow uses a “model driven” approach to abstract the application or microservice architecture from the environment, infrastructure details so that the same application or microservice can be deployed to many environments using parameterized processes. CloudBees Flow supports the creation, versioning, deployment, required middleware, and infrastructure details for a complete release package. You can model and version applications, microservices, and environments to orchestrate the software release flow and also to standardize and automate the deployment of applications or microservices between environments.

CloudBees Flow Deploy makes deployments manageable, reproducible, and error-proof by modeling the application or microservice, the environments to which it will be deployed, and automating the workflow needed for the deployment. The model can be broken into these parts of your application or microservice deployment:

  1. What—You are deploying the application or microservice, which contains references to the files being deployed.

  2. Where—The application or microservice will be deployed to a CloudBees Flow environment.

  3. How—You run processes that orchestrate deployment tasks to deploy the application or microservice to the environment.