Software for Clustering

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Apache Zookeeper

Apache ZooKeeper is a centralized service required for clustering.

  • Apache ZooKeeper is a critical part of the clustering architecture. You must use ZooKeeper Version 3.4.6 or later to maintain and synchronize group services in the CloudBees Flow cluster. CloudBees Flow includes a tool called ZKConfigTool, which you can use to populate ZooKeeper quickly with CloudBees Flow configuration information.

  • Exhibitor can be used with ZooKeeper to monitor the synchronization between the ZooKeeper nodes. This software is not required to implement a CloudBees Flow cluster configuration, but can provide instance monitoring, backup, recovery, cleanup and visualization services. See the Exhibitor documentation at

Load Balancer

You must use a load balancer in a CloudBees Flow cluster. You can use any load balancer or load-balancing software for a cluster as long as the load balancer acts as an SSL endpoint and supports returning HTTP redirections.

Transport Layer Security (TLS) has replaced Secure Sockets Layer version 3.0 (SSLv3) on the CloudBees Flow server and the CloudBees Flow web server.