Nested Property Sheet

1 minute read

Use this pop-up window to define or modify a nested property sheet.

  1. Enter information in the fields as follows:

    Field Name Description


    The property name can be an arbitrary text string.


    (Optional) Plain text or HTML description for this object. If using HTML, you must surround your text with <html> …​ </html> tags. Allowable HTML tags are <a>, <b>, <br>, <div>, <dl>, <font>, <i>, <li>, <ol>, <p>, <pre>, <span>, <style>, <table>, <tc>, <td>, <th>, <tr>, and <ul>.

    For example, the following HTML:

    <p> <span style="font-family: Arial;"> <i>Note:</i> For more information about the <b>abc</b> object, see <a href="">\</a>. </span> </p>

    renders as follows:

    _Note:_ For more information about the *abc* object, see \
  2. Click OK to save your new or modified nested property sheet information.

For more information on creating and using properties, see the Properties Help topic.