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Configure DevOps Foresight in CloudBees Flow

  1. Sign in to CloudBees Flow and go to Self-Service Catalogs by selecting the self service catalogs icon on the top of the screen.

  2. Navigate to the Configure DevOps Foresight item and click Configure.

  3. Enter the DevOps Foresight Server URL . This is the URL for accessing the DevOps Foresight server; for example, https://<foresight_server_hostname>:8080.

  4. Enter the Frequency at which to run analytics for CI risk predictions (in minutes).

  5. Click OK to configure DevOps Foresight.

DevOps Foresight basic configuration is complete.

Configure Data Collection

CloudBees Flow includes several plugins in the that you can configure to periodically collect Continuous Integration (CI) data from third-party tools and send it to the DevOps Insight server. DevOps Foresight uses this data for predictive analytics. The following table shows the CI-related data sets and corresponding plugins that can be used to collect data.

Data set Third-party Tool CloudBees Flow Plugin

Build, and Change sets



Code Commits



Code Quality (static code analysis)



As part of DevOps Foresight, a utility procedure is added in the CloudBees project, out of the box, to aide in plugin setup. These procedures are available from CloudBees Flow via the Platform/projects page in the Automation Platform web UI: browse to https://<cloudbees-flow-server>/commander/, and then click Administration > Platform/projects. For more information about them see the CloudBees Flow User Guide.

Utility Procedure in CloudBees Project Plugin Description

Jenkins Setup for Command Center - build and quality


This is an existing procedure that is also used to setup EC-Jenkins for the Release Command Center. If the procedure was already used to set up Release Command Center, then the schedule that was created for the same may be updated as required for DevOps Foresight.

Git Setup for DevOps Insight


This is a new procedure added as part of DevOps Foresight.

SonarQube Setup for DevOps Foresight


This is a new procedure added as part of DevOps Foresight.

Once the CI risk predictions analytics start running on the scheduled frequency, you can start seeing Risk Predictions, and more, through DevOps Foresight.

dofsrisk predections dashboard