DevOps Insight Overview

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With DevOps Insight, included with CloudBees Flow, track progress and identity patterns with 360º visibility into metrics across all CloudBees Flow processes. Through DevOps Insight dashboards, enterprises have the ability to visualize data across releases and CI/CD pipelines from code commit to deployments, and more. DevOps Insight provides several out-of-box dashboards and report templates. Or, create reports and dashboards to visualize your own custom data.

DevOps Insight Architecture



The CloudBees Flow server collects data from the following sources:

  • Backend –The CloudBees Flow server backend collects build, deployment, pipeline, and release data.

  • Plugin –The set of plugins bundled with CloudBees Flow integrates with 3rd-party DevOps tools to collect defect, feature, incident, and quality data.

  • API –The CloudBees Flow sendReportingData API allows you to inject your own custom data into the Elasticsearch database. See Sending Data from an External Source for further information.


Collected data is stored in the Elasticsearch database. See Elasticsearch Basics for information on accessing the Elasticsearch data base directly.

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The report object definition, together with dashboard filters, defines the data set to extract from the Elasticsearch database. See Report Object Type Reference for available report object definitions bundled with CloudBees Flow.


The report engine sends the processed data the dashboard widget for rendering. CloudBees Flow bundles several report definitions to support out-of-box dashboards. Additionally, see Creating a Report and Creating a Dashboard to create custom reports and dashboards.


  • Dashboard: Top-level, multi-widget view with related visualizations of interest. Several dashboards are included, out-of-box. See Dashboard Reference for a list of pre-configured dashboards bundled with CloudBees Flow.

  • Widget: A dashboard tile for UI visualization of report metrics. See Adding Widgets to an Existing DevOps Insight Dashboard for further information.

  • Visualization: Specification of data to show in the UI.

  • Report: The definition of the set of results from which a widget is built. Contains the ElasticSearch report definition. See Elasticsearch Basics for further information.

  • Reporting object type: Type of object on which to report. Several report object types, out-of-box. See Report Object Type Reference for available report object definitions

  • Reporting object attribute: Specific metadata to report on and visualize.