User groups

1 minute read

This page displays all groups known to this CloudBees Flow server, including groups defined locally within the server and those groups defined in external repositories such as LDAP.

  • To edit a local group, click on its name.

  • To create a new local group, click the New Group link.

  • Click on an external group to view its contents, but you cannot edit the content through CloudBees Flow. Instead, you must go to the group’s repository directly. You can, however, associate properties with external groups, which can then be used in CloudBees Flow.

In the Filter field, enter a string to be used to filter groups. The filter will automatically apply a trailing '' to find all groups starting with the entered text. Use * for wildcards (for example, searching for *foo will return all groups that include the string foo).

To configure your existing LDAP and Active Directory account repositories to communicate with CloudBees Flow, click the Administration > Directory Providers tabs.