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Use jobs.<job_id>.steps[*].with.entrypoint to set the Docker ENTRYPOINT in the Dockerfile, or override an existing ENTRYPOINT in the Dockerfile.

CloudBees platform has the following key differences from GitHub Actions (GHA):

  • If your container does not contain a shell, you must specify an entrypoint. Otherwise, your job will fail.

  • CloudBees allows shell and run with uses: docker://, unlike GHA, which forces use of the entrypoint.

Unlike Docker ENTRYPOINT, the platform entrypoint instruction accepts only a single string defining the executable to be run.

You can also use entrypoint with JavaScript actions that do not define any inputs.

In the following example, shell is not specified, and entrypoint is defined.

steps: - name: Run a command uses: docker://alpine:3.18 with: entrypoint: /bin/echo run: