Quickstart: Connect to source code management

2 minute read

To get started with the CloudBees platform, create a new GitHub repository from a CloudBees template that includes a sample app written in Go. Set up an integration connecting this repository to the platform, so you can use it in subsequent quickstarts.


You must have a valid GitHub account to proceed with this quickstart.

Create a repository

Create a new GitHub repository in your GitHub account, from a CloudBees sample app repository template.

To create a Go sample app repository:

  1. Go to the CloudBees sample Go app repository, and select Use this template.

  2. To copy the template repository, select the Create a new repository option.

    Copy the CloudBees template repository
    Figure 1. Create a new repository coding for a sample Go app
  3. Do not select Include all branches.

  4. Select your GitHub ID from the options.

  5. Enter a Repository name.

  6. (Optional) Enter a Description.

  7. Select either Public or Private, according to your requirements.

  8. Select Create repository.

Your new repository is created in your GitHub account, from the CloudBees sample Go app template repository. You are now ready to create an integration with this repository.

Create an integration

Connect the CloudBees platform to your new repository, by creating an integration in the platform.

To create a CloudBees platform integration:

  1. Select Configurations on the left pane, and then select Integrations.


    Create an integration
    Figure 2. Create a new integration.
  3. Select Source code management.

  4. Select GitHub App.

  5. (Optional) Enter a Description.

  6. Select INSTALL GITHUB APP. This action redirects you to GitHub.

  7. Select the GitHub account or GitHub organization where you created the sample Go app repository.

    Create environment
    Figure 3. GitHub App installation with available GitHub organization highlighted
  8. Select All repositories or Only select repositories, and select the name of your sample Go app repository from the options.

  9. Select Install & Authorize.

The integration is connected and listed in Integrations. You are now ready to create a new component and set up a workflow.