DORA metrics

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DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) metrics can measure performance of DevOps teams. The CloudBees platform displays each of four key DORA metrics with an associated percentile performance rating, as well as the percentage change from the previous timeframe.

The four key DORA metrics:

  • Deployment frequency

  • Deployment lead time

  • Change failure rate

  • Mean time to restore (MTTR)

DORA metrics thresholds are configurable.

Access DORA metrics

Filter the four DORA metrics views by duration and by comparing them with other groups or by workflow.

To access and filter DORA metrics views:

  1. Select the next to Analytics on the left pane, and then select DORA metrics.

  2. Select the next to Configurations on the left pane, and then select Environments.

  3. Select the next to Components on the left pane, and then select a Component for the selected environment.

flow metrics
Figure 1. Example Environments list.
  • Specify deploy step as kind:deploy in workflow.yml.

  • Specify the environment name such as environment:staging, on the job level.

flow metrics
Figure 2. Specify the environment on the job level.

Explore Deployment frequency and MTTR

flow metrics
Figure 3. Explore four key Dora metrics.
  1. Deployment frequency: The reading depicts the average number of successful deployments for the selected component and environment, per day.

    flow metrics
    Figure 4. Example Successful Deployments list.

    Select the Average per day number links to display a list of successful deployments, for the selected Component and Environment.

    Each list includes:

    • Run Id

    • Run start time (UTC)

    • Deployed on (UTC)

    • Lead time

    • Component

    • Workflow

  2. Deployment Lead time: The reading depicts that it takes 26 hours to deploy from the time the PR is approved.

  3. Change failure rate:The reading tells how much percentage the deployments fail.

  4. MTTR: The reading depicts how much time it takes for the failed deployments to resolve.

Explore Deployment frequency and Lead time trend

flow metrics
Figure 5. Example Deployment frequency and Lead time trend charts.

The above graph displays the successful deployments and deployment lead time over the weeks.

Explore Failure rate and MTTR trend

flow metrics
Figure 6. Example Failure rate and Mean time to recover trend charts.

The above graph displays the Failure rate and mean time to recovery over weeks.