Azure DevOps plugin

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Azure DevOps is an extension for the Azure CLI that allows you to manage many Azure DevOps Services from the command line. Using the Azure DevOps plugin, you can seamlessly integrate az devops commands into your CloudBees CD/RO projects to help automate your Azure DevOps workflows.

The Azure DevOps Services plugin has been released to the community and is no longer supported. It has been replaced by the Azure DevOps plugin.

Supported Versions

All procedures have been tested with the following versions of Azure CLI:

  • 2.40.0

  • 2.41.0


  • This plugin uses an updated version of Perl, cb-perl shell (Perl v5.32), and requires CloudBees CD/RO agents version 10.3+ to work.

  • Azure CLI with the Azure DevOps extension must be installed on the agent machine. You can use the following command to install the Azure DevOps extension:

    az extension add --name azure-devops
  • When you create an Azure DevOps plugin configuration, a Personal Access Token (PAT) is required. Azure DevOps requires a separate sign in from Azure CLI. For more information on Azure DevOps authentication, refer to the Azure DevOps PAT documentation.

  • When working with Azure CLI actions with interactive flows, which require multiple confirmation or user input prompts to perform the action, these actions may need to be manually performed. For more information, refer to Known Issues.