SonarQube plugin release notes

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  • Updated the SonarScanner CLI version to


  • Adapted to using the PDK REST client.

  • Fixed saving the issue list in the Run Sonar Scanner procedure in dependency of running: context=pipeline = /myPipelineRuntime/issueList; procedure = /myJob/issueList.


  • Added capability to the plugin setup procedure to process dependencies for CloudBees CD/RO IPv6 instances.

  • Improved SSL/TLS certificate validation to ensure that when the Ignore SSL issues parameter is selected that SSL/TLS validation is properly disabled.


  • Fixed enquoting of paths with spaces in the scanner calling.


  • Fixed issue with incorrect SonarQube Server version determining.

  • The SonarQube versions supported by the plugin have been updated to reflect versions actively supported by SonarQube.


  • Fixed issue with symbolic link when extracting dependencies.


  • Updated the Run Sonar Scanner procedure to save the issue list to the runtime property issueList.


  • Fixed an issue with the Ignore SSL errors option for the Get Last SonarQube Metrics and CollectReportingData REST-based procedures.


  • Updated the SonarScanner CLI version to

  • Fixed issue related to Test connection when using an authentication token.

  • Deprecated support for SonarQube 6.7. To use SonarQube 6.7, you must use CloudBees CD/RO agent version 10.10 or earlier.


  • Added URL path support.


  • Added the Ignore SSL Errors option to the plugin configuration.


  • Upgraded from Perl 5.8 to Perl 5.32. The plugin is not backward compatibility with releases prior to CloudBees CD/RO 10.3. Starting with this release, a new agent is required to run the plugin procedures.

  • Ported the plugin to PDK.


  • Fixed a security issue.


  • Fixed a security issue.


  • Added support for new plugin configurations.

  • Added support for token credentials.

  • Updated supported versions of SonarQube. The plugin now supports SonarQube server versions 6.7 to 8.9.

  • Fixed an issue with checking the connection to SonarCloud.


  • Fixed an issue where older versions of EditConfiguration did not work properly.


  • Updated the plugin documentation.


  • Updated supported versions of SonarQube. The plugin now supports SonarQube server versions 6.7 to 8.5.

  • Added support for external credential management.

  • In the Get Last SonarQube Metrics procedure, the Project version parameter has been updated to an optional parameter.

  • Fixed a bug with proxy credentials that remained after a configuration was deleted.


  • The documentation has been migrated to the main documentation site.


  • Fixed saving a report URL in the pipeline context.


  • Rebranding to "CloudBees CD".


  • Added the option to check a connection when creating or editing a configuration.

  • Added support for HTTP proxy. Customers who use HTTP proxy can specify proxy information (host, port and credentials at the configuration level) and all procedures use the proxy as second credentials for authentication.


  • Renaming to "CloudBees".


  • Improved plugin promotion time.


  • Fixed URL for reports.

  • Added support for creating configurations by users with an @ sign in a name.


  • Added metadata that is required for the 9.0 release.


  • Added the SonarQube logo icon.


  • A new CollectReportingData procedure has been added to support predictive analytics.

  • Changes were made to support the ability to view and manage plugin configurations from within Deploy without having to navigate to the Automation Platform UI.


  • Fixed an error during plugin promotion on the ElectricFlow instance that is running on Windows.

  • Configured the plugin to allow the ElectricFlow UI to render the plugin procedure parameters entirely using the configured form XMLs.

  • Enabled the plugin for managing the plugin configurations inline when defining an application process step or a pipeline stage task.


  • Added support.

  • Changed the list of required parameters for procedures to support versions from 5.4 to the latest version.

  • Added validators to some procedure parameters for easier configuration.

  • Added SonarQube authorization token support.

  • Added testing connection functionality to the configuration page.

  • Added support for the SonarQube server from version 6.4.

  • Updated the plugin procedures documentation.

  • Improved debug output.

  • Provided fixes for the reported list of bugs.


  • Added support for the Initiate Scanning Process procedure for initiating analysis only.

  • Added support for the Get Last SonarQube Metrics procedure to retrieve metrics from the last analysis.

  • Fixed a problem with authorization on the SonarQube side.

  • Added support for the SonarQube server from version 5.4.

  • Fixed potential problems with running SonarScanner on Windows operating systems.

  • Added output in JSON and XML format.

  • Fixed a problem with the result property output.


  • Applied the last version of SonarScanner.

  • Added filters for metric groups.


  • Added support for the complete Run Sonar Scanner procedure.

  • Added SonarQube server configuration.

Known issues

  • The Java code of SonarQube scanner does not allow connection to an instance if it detects a broken SSL certificate, such as when using self-signed certificates. A workaround is to add your certificate to the Java Keystore. This plugin includes a basic validator for SSL certificate issues.

  • Authorized proxy access is supported in SonarQube versions starting from 6.x due to limitations for proxy handling in old versions of the sonar-scanner-engine-shaded.