MySQL plugin

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MySQL is the world’s most popular open source database. Some of the main MySQL features are:

  • Scalability and flexibility

  • High performance

  • High availability

  • Robust transactional support

  • Web and data warehouse strengths

  • Strong data protection

  • Ease of management

  • Lowest total cost of ownership

The MySQL plugin interacts with the MySQL command-line tool, mysql. The mysql utility allows you to perform queries against the database from text areas or a SQL file. You can also apply custom formatting to output such HTML or XML. For more information, refer to the MySQL documentation.


  • CloudBees CD/RO agent version 10.3 or later is required.

When upgrading from plugin version 2.0.15 or earlier to 3.0.0 or later, you must migrate your existing plugin configurations. You can use the Migrate configurations procedure from the Service catalog to migrate your existing plugin configurations.

Supported versions

The MySQL plugin was developed and tested against MySQL version 8.0.13.