Artifactory plugin

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The CloudBees CD/RO Artifactory plugin integrates with JFrog Artifactory to provide a single location for teams to manage all of their binary artifacts efficiently. For more information about JFrog Artifactory please refer to the Artifactory documentation.

The CloudBees CD/RO Artifactory plugin integrates with Artifactory, making it easy to model applications in CloudBees CD/RO, referencing artifacts stored in Artifactory, with support for numerous repository layouts. When a request for deployment is made in CloudBees CD/RO, the platform seamlessly retrieves the relevant artifacts from Artifactory as part of the deploy process. Users have the flexibility to:

  • Reference specific versions in Artifactory.

  • Configure the deployment to always retrieve the latest version.

  • Dynamically determine the versions to deploy at runtime.

This flexibility enables different use cases, such as using the latest version to schedule automatic deployments of nightly build outputs to QA environments every morning.

In CloudBees CD/RO, versions are stored in the environment inventory, recording the exact versions of each artifact that has been deployed to an environment, to easily track and audit what is deployed where. The SmartDeploy feature in CloudBees CD/RO compares the inventory with the artifact versions being deployed, and only deploys any new artifact versions to that specific environment for efficient and safe deployments.

CloudBees CD/RO automatically captures a version of the entire application, including individual artifact versions pulled from Artifactory, in a snapshot. Using a snapshot in deployments guarantees consistency across environments, so you can have the same components and configuration in staging environments, as well as in production. These tight integrations of Artifactory versions feeding into model-driven processes and capabilities in CloudBees CD/RO provide visibility, reliable deployments, and ensures repeatability and fidelity across all the environments and processes throughout the pipeline. This ensures that teams can deploy to production with confidence.

Supported versions

The plugin has been tested with JFrog Artifactory version 5.x. Since the plugin integrates with Artifactory using a Rest API, Artifactory versions that are compatible with the 5.x Rest API are expected to work, although not tested. In addition, since some features are available only in the professional version of Artifactory, it is expected that exercising those features in the plugin require a professional version of Artifactory.

Updated Perl version required

This plugin is using an updated version of Perl with the cb-perl shell, and requires CloudBees CD/RO agent version 10.3+ in order to work.