FileOps plugin

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The FileOps plugin provides CloudBees CD/RO procedures to perform various file system operations. It is versatile and allows the input of any data, as defined in the provided fields of the parameters.

CloudBees CD/RO provides additional advantages such as parameter checking, UI-based configuration, historical log reports, procedure duration statistics, simple credentials attachment, and real-time analysis of generated logs.


  • This plugin is using an updated version of Perl and requires CloudBees CD/RO agent v10.3 or later in order to work.

  • For the Remote Copy-SCP procedure:

    • A credential is required in your project to use this procedure.

      For the FileOps plugin v3.1.0 and earlier:

      • If configuring the plugin with CloudBees CD/RO project credentials, and you attempt to use the Credential  Browse button, the process freezes.

      • You must manually enter your CloudBees CD/RO project credential path in the Credential field. Use the following format:

    • An SSH server is required on either the source or destination.