Terraform plugin release notes

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  • Improved SSL/TLS certificate validation to ensure that when the Ignore SSL issues parameter is selected that SSL/TLS validation is properly disabled.

  • Migrated Gradle projects to Java 17 and Groovy 3.

    Because of the Java versions supported by CloudBees CD/RO, you can only use EC-Terraform v4.0.1 with CloudBees CD/RO agents v10.11 and later.


  • Upgraded from Perl 5.8 to Perl 5.32. The plugin is not backward compatible with CloudBees CD/RO versions prior to 10.3. Starting from this release, a new agent is required to run Terraform plugin procedures.


  • Added support for the new plugin configurations.


  • The logic of handling existing variable files has changed. Now, variable files are referenced by their location instead of copying them to the workspace.


  • Previously, the Init procedure was not able to switch the Terraform workspace. This issue has been resolved.

  • Previously, context-dependent properties in the configuration did not function as expected during procedure execution. This issue has been resolved.


  • The plugin has been migrated to the PDK framework. As a result, support for external credentials has been added.

  • Added support for secure credentials with Amazon AWS.


  • Fixed an issue with the Apply, Destroy, and Init procedure parameters.


  • Fixed an issue with the Plan procedure parameters.


  • The documentation has been migrated to the main documentation site.


  • The following new procedures have been added:

  • RunCustomCommand

  • CreateTerraformConfig

  • The following existing procedures have been modified:

  • Init, Plan, Apply, and Destroy procedures now allow additional options to be passed in.

  • Support for the Terraform workspace has been added in order to support multiple named workspaces.

  • Procedure setup screens now leverage the dynamic form capability where parameters are conditionally rendered based on dropdown values.

  • The Provision procedure now takes both config and variables file content as an input from a text area.

  • The plugin icon has been updated.


  • Configured the plugin to allow the CloudBees CD/RO UI to render the plugin procedure parameters entirely using the configured form XMLs.

  • Enabled the plugin for managing the plugin configurations in-line when defining an application process step or a pipeline stage task.


  • Added a new Provision procedure.


  • The following new procedures have been added:

  • Init

  • Plan

  • Apply

  • Destroy


  • Introduced the EC-Terraform plugin.