Remote Access plugin release notes

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  • Upgraded dependencies.

  • Migrated to Java 17 and Groovy 3.

    Because of the Java versions supported by CloudBees CD/RO, you can only use EC-RemoteAccess v2.1.0 with CloudBees CD/RO agents v10.11 and later.


  • Ported plugin to PDK.

  • Added usage of new configurations.


  • Updated logger.


  • Updated dependencies.


  • The documentation has been migrated to the main documentation site.


  • Updated logger to slf4j.


  • Renamed to "CloudBees CD/RO".


  • Fixed Plugin Dependency Management to work with gateways.


  • Added the option to check the connection when creating or editing a configuration.

  • Fixed issues in the RunCustomCommand procedure when the Flow agent runs on Java 11.


  • Provisioning of binary dependencies (for example, Grape jars) in the agent resource is now delivered through a new mechanism called Plugin Dependency Management. Now, binary dependencies are seamlessly delivered to the agent resource from the Flow Server when a new version of a plugin is invoked for the first time. The Flow Repository setup is no longer required for this plugin.


  • Renamed to "CloudBees CD".


  • First release.

Known issues

  • When the Run Custom Command procedure is executed in interactive mode, the plugin cannot distinguish between the command output versus errors in stdout. Consequently, both are reported in the remoteCommandOutput parameter and no warning is reported in the Job summary if errors are returned in stdout, even if the command otherwise succeeded.

  • During the connection check, if Interactivity information is specified incorrectly and a different Target user is used, it can lead to an endless connection check. In this case, a running job can be manually aborted.