Helm plugin release notes

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  • Seed inventory with warning status for aborted deployments.

  • When using CloudBees CD/RO microservice deployments that include Argo Rollouts inline analysis, the plugin now creates a manual approval step in the deployment pipeline step if an inconclusive state is returned.

  • Improved error handling for the Delete Release procedure.

  • Upgraded from Perl 5.8 to Perl 5.32. The plugin is not backward compatible with CloudBees CD/RO versions prior to 10.3. Starting from this release, a new agent is required to run EC-Helm plugin procedures.


  • Fixed inventory cleaning when the application and environment are in different projects.

  • Upgraded SnakeYAML to v2.0.


  • Internal improvements for CloudBees CD/RO microservices deployment.


  • Added handling when Use existing is selected for the Config file parameter in the plugin configuration.

  • Added the Kubeconfig Context parameter to the plugin configuration.

  • Deprecated the Kubeconfig context parameter in the Cluster Reference form in microservices.

  • Fixed a security issue.

  • Fixed the hard-coded actionOnError parameter.


  • Fixed application deployment on agents in version 10.5.

  • Fixed removing duplicate parameters in the microservice definition form.


  • Enabled support of new configurations.


  • Added the Compatibility property for the source provider.


  • Added optional auto-rollback support for Microservices.

  • Cosmetic UI changes were made to the Create Configuration procedure.

  • Improvements were made to retain the environment inventory in its actual state.

  • Added a Chart Version parameter to the microservice definition form.

  • Added the OpenShift: Deploying Jenkins using Helm v3 use case to the documentation.


  • Helm version v2 has been deprecated.

  • Added Microservices support.

  • Added the Values parameter to hold YAML content that is passed to the CLI as the values file for the following procedures:

  • Install Chart

  • Upgrade Release

  • Run Custom Command


  • Fixed parsing of RC versions of Helm.


  • Added the option to use custom config files.


  • The documentation has been migrated to the main documentation site.


  • Added an option for handling spaces in the path.


  • Added the option to create a kubeconfig.


  • The initial version of the plugin. The following procedures are supported:

  • Install Chart

  • Upgrade Release

  • Delete Release

  • Rollback Release

  • Run Custom Command

Known issues

For microservice deployments, you should use Helm version 3.4.0 or newer. Otherwise, the Helm plugin fails to retrieve the release details.

Third-party dependencies

Table 1. Third-party dependencies
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