Configure Google Cloud Platform service accounts

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The GCP Compute Engine plugin uses Google Cloud Platform (GCP) service accounts to communicate with the GCP API.

To configure a GCP service account:

  1. In the Google Cloud console, navigate to IAM  Admin  Service Accounts.

    Service Accounts
    Figure 1. Google Cloud console
  2. Specify a Service account name and a Service account description.

    Service account details
    Figure 2. Configure the service account
  3. Provide the required roles for the service account. The roles depend on the planned actions. Here is an example of possible role configurations:

    • Compute Image User

    • Compute Instance Admin (v1)

    • Compute Network User

    • Service Account User

  4. If needed, grant user access to the service account.

  5. Create and download a new JSON key.

    JSON key
    Figure 3. Create a JSON key
  6. Provide the contents of the key into the plugin configuration. For more information, refer to Create GCP Compute Engine plugin configurations.