Model third-party deployments

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You can model third-party deployments using the Ansible Tower plugin and service catalog item.

To model a third-party deployment with Ansible Tower:

  1. From the main menu, select Service catalog.

  2. Select Ansible tower model.

  3. Select Create.

  4. Select your project.

  5. Enter your deployment model details, including the Ansible Tower configuration, job template ID, and regular expression for the artifact.

  6. Select OK. When you deploy the catalog item, the system creates an application and an environment. The application contains the following three-step component without artifacts, and:

    • Runs the Ansible playbook. This process requires the Ansible Tower plugin.

    • Creates a placeholder that allows you to add logic to extract artifacts.

    • Seeds the artifacts into the path-to-production inventory.

    For more information, refer to Service catalog.