Create MySQL plugin procedures

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Plugin procedures can be used in procedure steps, process steps, and pipeline tasks, allowing you to orchestrate third-party tools at the appropriate time in your component, application process, or pipeline.

Depending on your plugin configuration and how you run procedures, the Input parameters  Configuration name field may behave differently in the CloudBees CD/RO UI. For more information, refer to Differences in plugin UI behavior.


Creates and executes a command line from the parameters that you specify in the procedure.

Input parameters

Table 1. ExecuteSQL input parameters
Parameter Description

Configuration name

Required. The previously defined configuration for the plugin.

mysql command line utility

Required. Absolute path to the mysql command line tool.

Database name

Required. Name of the database.


Required. The name or IP address of the server you want to connect to.


Required. Database port. The default value is 3306.

Connection encoding

Connection encoding. Unicode by default.

Output format

Required. Choose the output display format.

Report name

The name of the report that is created after running the query without an extension.

SQL file path

Provide the absolute path to an SQL file that you want to run.


Provide any query you want to run against the database.

Additional commands

Additional commands to be entered.

Working directory

The directory where the job is executed.

Result output property path

The property name used to store the result of queries.