Docker plugin release notes

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  • Improved SSL/TLS certificate validation to ensure that when the Ignore SSL issues parameter is selected that SSL/TLS validation is properly disabled.


  • Upgraded from Perl 5.8 to Perl 5.32. The plugin is not backward compatible with CloudBees CD/RO versions prior to 10.3. Starting from this release, a new agent is required to run EC-Docker plugin procedures.


  • The EC-Docker plugin has been updated to remove the older microservices model and adopt pure Docker procedures with authorization handling.


  • Upgraded third-party dependencies to address security issues.


  • Support for the Artifactory Classifier and Artifactory Extract fields was added to the Artifact2Image procedure


  • The documentation has been migrated to the main site.


  • Upgraded dependencies to address security issues.


  • Renamed to "CloudBees CD"


  • Introduced a new Plugin Dependency Management mechanism to deliver provisioning of binary dependencies (for example, Grape jars) to the agent resource. Binary dependencies are now seamlessly delivered to the agent resource from the Flow Server, when a new version of a plugin is invoked the first time. Flow Repository set up is no longer required for this plugin.

  • Add checking connection while creating/editing a configuration.


  • Renaming to "CloudBees CD/RO".


  • Corrected images in the documentation.


  • Configurations can now be created by users with an @ sign in a name.


  • Plugin promotion time has been improved.


  • The previously deprecated Discover procedure has been removed. You can use the Import Microservices procedure to create microservice models based on the given Docker Compose file contents.

  • Fixed the report link for unsupported tags that were not processed by the Import Microservices procedure.

  • Configured the plugin to allow the ElectricFlow UI to create configs inline of the procedure form.


  • Added the Import Microservices procedure, which can be used through the Import Docker Compose file catalog item in the Containers service catalog for creating microservice models in ElectricFlow.

  • Added the Artifact2Image procedure.

  • The Discover procedure has been deprecated. Use the the Import Microservices procedure to create microservice models based on the given Docker Compose file contents.

  • Added support for retrieving and creating the plugin configurations through the Configurations option on the application process step and the pipeline stage task editors.


  • Registered the Undeploy Service procedure as an Undeploy Service operation, to enable undeploying microservices modeled in ElectricFlow from Docker using the service process.

  • Added the Create Ingress and Delete Network procedures.

  • Added support for container updates on a standalone Docker engine.

  • Added support for attaching additional networks during container updates.


  • Added support for Docker network creation.

    • For standalone Docker instances, the Deploy Service procedure creates a user-defined bridge network if the network name is specified on the service mapping page. The procedure uses this network to deploy containers.

    • For Docker Swarm instances, the Deploy Service procedure now creates a user defined overlay network if the network name is specified on the service mapping page. The Procedure uses this network to deploy Docker Swarm services.


  • Added support for deploying microservices modeled in ElectricFlow to Docker. Deploying microservices to the following Docker environments are supported:

    • Standalone Docker instances

    • Docker Swarm

    • Docker Enterprise Edition

    • Windows Docker containers on Windows 2016

  • Added the Undeploy Service procedure to undeploy a previously deployed service.

  • Added the Remove Docker Service procedure to remove a service running on a standalone Docker host or a Docker Swarm cluster.

  • Removed support for using EC-Docker as a component plugin. Microservices-based applications should be modeled as applications with services. The services can then be deployed using the native ElectricFlow services deployment capability.


  • Added the Discover procedure.


  • Introduced the EC-Docker plugin.

Known issues

  • Backslashes (\) are not supported in .dockerignore files for the Artifact2Image procedure. You must use forward slashes (/).