GitHub-Checks plugin

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The GitHub-Checks plugin integrates GitHub Checks APIs to execute check runs and update run statuses from CloudBees CD/RO pipelines. Using the plugin, you can integrate various tools to provide project-specific test annotations and check run pass/fail criteria (conclusions) that are returned in GitHub pull requests UI. This integration allows you to create consistent, enforceable, and automated governance within your development processes.

Supported versions

The GitHub-Checks plugin was developed using GitHub REST API version 2022-11-28.


  • To generate runtime properties for GitHub Checks API Input Parameters, you must create a webhook trigger for the GitHub-Checks plugin in your pipeline.

  • To configure or use this plugin, you must first:

    • Integrate the plugin as a GitHub App. This includes granting Repository permissions for:

      • Checks: Read and write

      • Metadata: Read-only

    • Have the GitHub App ID and credentials to use in the plugin configuration.

    • Have the GitHub App Installation ID to configure for plugin procedure Input Parameters.

For help accomplishing these prerequisites, refer to Configure the GitHub-Checks plugin.