Collect reporting data with the Feature Flags plugin

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This plugin provides integration with CloudBees Analytics reports and/or dashboards to focus on key metrics across releases and pipelines - from code commit to deployment. The ability to visualize this information as dashboards enables enterprises to understand the overall status of their release and deployment process, identify hotspots that require action, understand trends, and find opportunities for further improvement.

You can create reports and dashboards by adding data sources for different external tools you are using in your release. The supported tools are based on the installed plugins that support collecting data for the dashboard to send to the CloudBees Analytics server. For more information, refer to Monitoring with CloudBees Analytics.

Feature flags

Collects reporting data from CloudBees Feature Management, allowing you to create reports and use dashboards to view metrics associated with feature flags configured for the current release.

Input parameters

Table 1. Feature flags input parameters
Parameter Description

Application ID

Required. The ID of the application from which flags should be retrieved. It can be selected from App Settings  Integrations  Application ID.

Environment Name

Required. The environment name. For example, Production.

Filter by flag name

Regex for filtering flags based on the flag name. For example, myFlag\d+.

Filter by flag label

Regex for filtering flags based on a flag label. For example, myFlag Label\d+.

Metadata property path

The property sheet where run metadata is stored. If omitted, /mySchedule/@PLUGIN_KEY@-%JobName%-%Report Object Type% is used for the schedule context. For all other contexts, the root is /myProject.