Create GitLab plugin procedures

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Plugin procedures can be used in procedure steps, process steps, and pipeline tasks, allowing you to orchestrate third-party tools at the appropriate time in your component, application process, or pipeline.

Depending on your plugin configuration and how you run procedures, the Input parameters  Configuration name field may behave differently in the CloudBees CD/RO UI. For more information, refer to Differences in plugin UI behavior.

Trigger GitLab Pipeline

Triggers a GitLab pipeline from CloudBees CD/RO.

Input parameters

Table 1. Trigger GitLab Pipeline input parameters
Parameter Description

Configuration name

Required. The previously defined configuration for the plugin.

GitLab project ID or path

Required. The path or identifier of the GitLab project to trigger the pipeline for.

Branch or tag name

Required. The branch or tag name of the GitLab repository to trigger the pipeline for.

Trigger token

The trigger token value for a trigger in the GitLab repository.