IntelliJ IDEA plugin release notes

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  • Added support for IDEA 2023.3.

  • Added request timeout setting to the CloudBees CD/RO Connections Settings screen.

  • Added support for authentication using a token.

  • Added support for YAML format DSL.

  • Added support for displaying CloudBees CD/RO Server errors.

  • Added support for evaluating DSL functionality. This feature checks variables in the script before executing DSL. Then, it provides the ability to substitute these values.

  • Switched redirection of the Go to job details option to now navigate to the CloudBees CD/RO modern UI.

  • Fixed security issues.

  • Added support for communication with the server via the WEB server. This eliminates the need to specify the server hostname and web server separately.


  • IDEA 2021 support.

  • Fixed security issue.

  • Added support for using a Server URL with https scheme.


  • Fixed issue with runConfiguration.

  • Fixed issue with the console icon.


  • IDEA 2020 support.

  • Added support to manage CloudBees CD/RO work items.

  • Added support to configure the CloudBees CD/RO web UI URL separately from the Server URL.

  • Added support for updating the configuration page with formatted fields.

  • Added plugin documentation.


  • Added support for managing pipelines and release runs.

  • Added title to each section of the CloudBees CD/RO Connection Settings screen.


  • Added support for using generate DSL with access controls.


  • IDEA 2016 support added.

  • Added support for the generating DSL feature for releases, pipelines, and environments.


  • Initial release.