FileOps plugin release notes

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  • Implemented internal improvements.


  • Plugin has been migrated from GWT to PDK.


  • Upgraded HttpClient library to v4.5.13.


  • Upgraded from perl-5.8 to perl-5.32. No backward compatibility with releases prior 10.3. Starting from this release new agent is required to run this plugin’s procedures.


  • Fixed the process the Move procedure uses to clean a destination folder if the source is a file.


  • The FileExists and DirectoryExists procedures have been improved. Control of how the procedure behaves was extended, and procedure set output properties/output parameters.


  • Fixed running Remote Copy - Native in pipeline context.


  • The documentation was migrated to the main documentation site.


  • Renamed to "CloudBees CD/RO".


  • Renamed to CloudBees.


  • Moved agent code to the plugin properties.

  • Fixed the Copy/Move procedures for paths that contain spaces.

  • Fixed the ListFiles procedure for paths that contain spaces.

  • Validate datetime parameter in UpdateLastTouch procedure.

  • Fixed SCP copying for paths that contain spaces.

  • Updated documentation for the Sync Folders procedure to clarify actions for rules.

  • Fixed a issue where the Remote Copy File (SCP) step failed on Linux with an ec-perl Command not found error.

  • Fixed Encrypt/Decrypt procedures running on Windows.


  • Renamed ElectricCommander to ElectricFlow.


  • Fixed documentation for the Remote Copy File (SCP) step.


  • Fixed link to help page.

  • Fixed issue for Create Zip file procedure for paths that contain spaces.


  • Several issues were fixed.


  • 22 new procedures were added.

  • Documentation was upgraded.

  • Use cases were added.

Known issues

  • For plugin v3.0.1 and earlier, when attempting to configure the Remote Copy-SCP procedure, if you select Credential  Browse button, the process freezes. In v4.0.0 and above, this issue was fixed.

    For plugin v3.0.1 and earlier, to configure a credential, you must be manually entered in the Credential field. The format for the path is:

    This credential must already exist in your project. If you need to create a new one, refer to Credential management.